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June 28, 2022, Isaacson, Tiffaney , Alexander, Ilce ,
Vacation Safety Tips: From Staycations to Destination Travel

Many of us love to travel. I particularly enjoy the sense of adventure, from picking the destination to unpacking my bag. Travelling creates so many great memories. It also gives kids a sense of adventure and strengthens relationships.  

Travel has become even easier with increased opportunities to rent a hotel, home or vacation space online. Now, you can even book a backyard swimming pool by the hour. With the click of a button, you can commit to a whole new oasis, but with travel comes stress and uncertainty.
Our injury prevention specialists have provided tips and tricks for travel safety, from navigating an online rental home or hotel to drowning prevention. 

Bring a Playard

Traveling with a baby doesn’t have to be stressful. Consider bringing along a playard to allow your little one to sleep in their own safe place. Remember to always lay them on their back without any loose blankets or toys.

Avoid Stairs

As you search for your vacation rental, choosing a single-story home without any stairs would be best. However, if your perfect destination has a staircase, remember to watch all children carefully. Teach children not to play on the stairs and remind them to always hold onto the handrail as they go up and down.

Understand Balcony Safety

A balcony is a great way to relax and enjoy the view while you are on vacation. To prevent serious accidents, never leave children unattended near balconies. Position furniture away from balconies and remember to always keep doors locked.  

Drowning Risk

Drowning risk in vacation rentals is higher for several reasons. For example, the rental might not have important safety features like a pool fence. Families who don’t have a pool at home may not realize how hard it is to make sure a pool gate is closed or the importance of keeping a group of children inside when adults aren’t able to supervise. In addition, parents may not have talked about the rules for supervising kids during swim time. And, when we go on vacation, we like to relax the rules.  

So how can you make sure your next vacation is safe? Here are a few ways.

  1. First, choose a vacation rental or hotel that has a pool fence, preferably wrought iron. Pool fences decrease overall drowning risk.  
  2. Next, set rules for the “Boss of the Pool,” the person who supervises the children when pool time is permitted, such as:
    • The Boss of the Pool should be an adult who can swim and should be within arm’s reach of all children ages five and younger.  
    • Should limit their alcoholic drinks.  
    • Should not be distracted texting or using your phone. 
    • Don’t ask your Boss of the Pool to watch too many children at once. Depending on age, swim ability and how a child is feeling, one-on-one supervision may be needed. 
    • Take turns in 15-minute increments so supervision is always fresh.
    • “Close” the pool from time to time, so everyone can rest.  
  3. Finally, use the safety features in the home wisely:  
    • Never prop open pool gates.  
    • If the house has an alarm system, use it. Set the system to “chime” gently during the day and “alert” loudly at night, so you know if a child has gone outside without an adult. Lock windows, doors and doggy doors when pool time ends.

If you take the right safety precautions, summer can be the most fun time of the year!

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