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Kohl’s Mindful Me Program

Center for Family Health & Safety Department

Toxic stress affects the mental and physical health of a child. Toxic stress occurs when a child experiences adversity such as extreme poverty, abuse, or exposure to violence, substance abuse, or mental illness. These negative life events are called Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), and can turn into chronic and/or behavioral health issues.

Kohl’s Mindful Me is a school- and community-based program aimed at building childhood and family resilience. The mission of Kohl’s Mindful Me is to support children, families, and communities to achieve their full potential in health and wellness. The Kohl’s Mindful Me team provides training and education to school staff on ACEs and offers strategies to use with students. The team also provides stress management and self-regulation skills through yoga, mindfulness and gardening.

Program Boundaries (PDF)

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