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Kohl'sFit - Walking, Running and Activity Program

Teaching a child to make exercise a daily part of life will build healthy habits that last a lifetime. The Kohl’sFit program makes exercise fun, encourages healthy behaviors and brings groups together to work toward an activity goal. Kohl’sFit is available as an onsite program or online through our website 


Kohl'sFit Website:


Join our interactive website that helps teachers, club leaders and parents encourage kids to be active and eat healthy.  Follow these easy steps to start your adventure:

Step 1:  Sign up and create your school, organization or family team (must be an adult to register).

Step 2: Set a goal for your group to do of 30, 60, 90, or 120 miles of activities!

Step 3: Choose an adventure. Go on a hunt for buried treasure with a pirate crew or become the star of a show with a rock band as you reach your activity goal!

Step 4: Log activity. There are tons of different activities to choose from. Soccer, golf, gardening, chores are all options!

Step 5: See your progress on a rock star or pirate themed journey board.

Step 6: Print certificates and coupons out at different milestones as your group reaches their goal.

Schools and organizations who have reached their goals will be eligible for a raffle to win prizes throughout the year!

Sign up now at!

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Kohl'sFit Onsite Programs in Arizona

Since 2004, Phoenix Children's Hospital's Community Outreach team has been helping run obesity out of schools.  Our team members reach out to local, at-risk schools to implement the Koh'lsFit (formerly Kids Rock Stars) exercise program into their curriculum. The Koh'lsFit team runs with the school kids, motivates school champions and makes learning about exercise and nutrition fun.

To find out how your school, club or organization can get involved with the onsite program, please contact us.

Exercise & Nutrition Tips:

  • 60 minutes of play everyday!
  • Eat the rainbow; vary your colors of fruits and vegetables everyday.
  • Limit "screen time" (TV viewing, computer games and computer time) to less than 2 hours per day.
  • With snacks, drink water or low fat milk as a smart choice.
  • Have a family plan; encourage families to be active together after school and on the weekends.
  • To stay hydrated, drink water before and take breaks during your activities and playtime.

Funding and History

Originally started in 2004 as a school-based program for kids in central Phoenix, the
Kohl'sFit program tracked 290 kids, resulting in 4,500 miles. Since then 11,659 kids have participated, resulting in over 450,000 miles completed. The Kohl’sFit (formerly Kids Rock Stars) program is generously funded by Kohl's Cares, and brought to you by Phoenix Children's Hospital.

In an effort to have a greater impact on obesity in our community and make the program available to kids across the country, the Kohl'sFit website was launched. 

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