Rear-Facing Car Seats - Step 1

Car seat safety at Phoenix Children's Hospital

Rear-Facing Car Seats 

The first car seat your infant will use is the rear-facing seat.

There are two types of rear-facing seats: an infant seat and a convertible seat.

Children are now supposed to stay in a rear-facing seat until age 2, so a convertible seat (can be positioned to face rear or forward) is a good option and will transition to the next step.

The other option is to first use an infant car seat (which provides an easier way to take your baby in and out of the car) and after your baby outgrows the infant seat, you'll need to buy a convertible car seat.

Watch the Video on how to use a rear-facing car seat - Step 1  

Watch Angelica, from Phoenix Children's Hospital's Injury Prevention Program, show how to select the right rear-facing car seat and how to make sure your child fits in the seat properly.

Facts About Rear-facing Car Seats

  • Rear-facing car seats best protect your child's head, neck and back.
  • Never put a rear-facing seat in the front seat with an air bag that is turned on.
  • Keep the harness straps snug and keep the plastic harness clip at armpit level.
  • The harness straps should go through the slots that are at or below the level of your child's shoulders.

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