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Almost all parents of toddlers and preschoolers have a few things in common: they have crumbs in the back seat of their car, they listen to children's songs and read the same books out loud over and over again, and they are all busy. Really busy.

Phoenix Children’s Hospital understands. We also understand that parents want to know how to use the latest research and strategies in their own home to keep their toddler safe. That’s why we developed the “Playing it Safe” water safety program.

This program, for parents and caregivers of children ages five and under, delivers expert advice in a brief, customized presentation. We’ll give you the very latest information, based on the most current research about water safety. You’ll also take home free materials about resources in your community.


What do other parents think about the program?  Here are a few comments:

“Great class! It’s always good to get more, and the most current, information.”

“Thank you for your insight and expertise!”

“This is great training. I’ve had a lot of water safety training as a lifeguard and still learned a lot. Thank you!”

"Playing it Safe" resources

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