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In addition to medical care, Phoenix Children's Hospital extends passion and expertise beyond our walls with information and programs in children's health and safety.

We invite you to download these informative brochures for your reference. (English and Spanish versions are included.)

 Your child's behavior  Nutrition and exercise for children
 Your child's growth  Just for parents and caregivers
 Your child's safety  

Check recent child product recalls:

Your child's behavior:

Good behavior starts with great expectations

Helping your child with the doctor's visit

What to do when "No" is your child's favorite word

Going shopping? How to get buy-in on good behavior

How to teach your child to behave well

Your child's growth:

Developmental milestones:


The way we grow – developmental milestones (English version)

Crecimiento y desarrolo -developmental milestones (Spanish version)

Your child's safety:

Home safety (English version)

Seguridad en el hogar - Home safety (Spanish version)

Heat safety tips

Child passenger safety

Tubby Tags - Bathtub drowning prevention

ABCs of Water Safety Checklist

Water Watchers Pool Safety Tips

Pool safety (English version) 

Pool safety (Spanish version) 

Water sports safety (English version)

Water sports safety (Spanish version) 

Nutrition and exercise for children:

Smart snacking for younger kids (English version)

Bocadillos sanos para niños de 2 a 10 años - Smart snacking (Spanish version)

Healthy families – physical activity and healthy eating (English version)

Familias saludables - physical activity and healthy eating (Spanish version)

Just for parents and caregivers:

Parent survival kit 

Effective discipline - Advice for parents 

Full-color brochure   -or-   Text-only version

What to do when you see an angry parent

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