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Digital Resources to Stay Engaged in Your Care

When a diagnosis, condition or procedure is new to you, the online pediatric health library is a good place to start. Learn the basics about medical conditions, tests and treatments. Our online resource covers a lot of educational information. 

You can check the online pediatric health library, which has information on every stage of a child’s development. Get general information about conditions, procedures, tests, as well as general health and wellness. Topics range from prenatal conditions through childhood, adolescent and young adult care. Content is presented in an easy-to-understand format from a reliable health information source. 

Please note: 
All health library content is provided by StayWell – a patient-education and wellness leader. Ask your care provider for information about your child or loved one’s unique condition and healthcare needs.

Health library content includes:

  • Information about children’s medical conditions – Learn about common to rare pediatric conditions. You will find topics ranging from asthma and allergies to sport injuries, genetic diseases and mental health disorders.
  • Multimedia resources and interactive tools – Find pediatric articles and information, including educational videos. Explore different ways to learn, including quizzes and fun ways to test your knowledge. 

Free, Age-Friendly Apps

Communicating with a child about their condition and helping them understand why they are in the hospital can be challenging at times. Phoenix Children’s user-friendly apps are designed to help caregivers communicate with their child and engage them in the healthcare process. These and other mobile-friendly resources offer step-by-step assistance for kids and adults:

Journey Boards

Phoenix Children’s values family-centered care. This means we care for your child as part of your family, and we tailor our care to meet your family’s needs.

We want to make sure that when you take your child home you understand your child’s condition, how to treat it, what problems to look for, and how to respond. We also want to make sure you know who to call if you have questions or concerns.

Specialized teams at Phoenix Children’s developed healthcare journey boards. Children and adults love its colorful, interactive gameboard style. Each colored box represents an important step in understanding your child’s healthcare journey. 

This learning tool helps everyone talk about the basics. It’s a great way to begin and stay engaged throughout the healthcare journey. Every box on the Journey Board is something you may need to know about, such as, “I can tell you about my child’s medicines.”

Learn more about our Journey Boards.

Simply Sayin’

Phoenix Children’s Child Life specialists created this award-winning educational app. The app uses interactive pictures, sounds and learning tools to provide simple definitions and explanations. Kids can learn what to expect if they are having a procedure and communicate better using words they understand. The app shows pictures of the types of medical equipment and areas of the hospital they may see during their stay. This app helps kids, adults and providers talk about the healthcare experience. 

Learn more about our Simply Sayin’ app.


Are you an early bird or a night owl? Either way, information, news and health related articles are available to you at any hour. Explore Phoenix Children’s blog, Bright Futures, for recent articles, patient family stories and updates. 

Consult a Specialist

Phoenix Children’s offers advanced pediatric expertise and care across a wide range of specialties. When your child receives care here, your doctor and care team can help. We will answer questions and keep you informed at every turn. For expert pediatric evaluation, diagnosis and care, schedule an appointment with a provider.

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