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Mitchell I Cohen, MD

Medical Staff Section Chief, Cardiology, Cardiology

Office: AZ Pediatric Cardiology Consultants, PC
Address: 1920 E Cambridge Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85006
Phone: (602) 253-6000
Fax: (602) 462-5933
Professional Affiliations: American Heart Association; American College of Cardiology; Heart Rhythm Society; Pediatric Electrophysiology Society
Academic Affiliations: Clinical Associate Professor of Pediatrics University of Arizona College of Medicine, Tucson, AZ
Degree/Certifications: MD
Board Certifications: Pediatric Cardiology
Medical School/Education: Temple University School of Medicine, Philadelphia, PA
Residency: (Pediatrics) Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA
Fellowship: (Cardiology) Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA; (Electrophysiology) Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA
Research/Special Interests: Pacemakers and ICDs in Children; Long-term Outcome Following the Fontan Operation; Sudden Cardiac Death in Children; Complex Arrhythmias; Ablations



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