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FollowMyHealth Patient Portal

You can manage your child’s personal health information with 24/7 secure, online access from any computer, smartphone or tablet.

Through a partnership with FollowMyHealth™, we are offering parents access to their children's health information.

Learn how to access the patient portal.

NOTE: Not all information is available in the patient portal. To request your children's full medical records, please follow the instructions, below.

Requesting Patient Medical Records

To receive your child's medical records, you must complete in its entirety the authorization form Phoenix Children's Medical Records Request & Authorization Form (PDF) or Autorización Para Divulgar Información Protegida De Salud (PDF).  For detailed instructions in English or en Español, download the How-To (PDF).

The completed form can be faxed, emailed as an attachment, mailed or delivered in person.

Fax: 602-933-2469
Email address:
Phoenix Children’s Hospital
Attn: ROI
1919 Thomas Road
Phoenix, AZ 85016

If the records are needed for another physician urgently, please state this on your request. We can fax medical records directly to another physician within a few days. Due to the high volume of requests, all other requests may take up to 30 days to be processed.

Photo identification is required when picking up medical records in person.

To check the status of a request for medical records going to another physician or the Legally Authorized Representative, contact Phoenix Children’s Hospital at 602-933-1490, option 1. 

To check the status of all other requests for medical records, contact Verisma at 866-390-7404.

Release of Medical Information Patient Pricing Policy

Phoenix Children’s Hospital has a partnership with Verisma Systems, Inc., to facilitate its release of medical information processes. There may be a charge for a personal copy of medical records. Verisma will invoice you directly for this service. This fee must be paid prior to receipt of copies of medical records.

There is no fee for medical records that are sent to another physician or healthcare entity.

NOTE: Requests for birth records should be directed to the hospital where the child was born. Phoenix Children's Hospital is a pediatric facility.

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