Ways to Help

Thank you for Thinking of Patients and their Families at Phoenix Children’s Hospital


We understand that people contribute their time or resources to Phoenix Children’s Hospital for many reasons. Perhaps a child of yours was a patient at one time, or you simply have an interest in helping children. Whatever your motivation, your support means everything.  

There are many different ways to offer your support, and they are all explained on these pages. 


As a non-profit organization Phoenix Children’s Hospital depends on the generosity of donors to remain one of the nation’s leading pediatric hospitals and provide the best care possible. Whether you are making a financial gift, or donating a gift-in-kind to help a child’s stay at the hospital be more comfortable, click on the link to learn more.

Get Involved

Your participation in various programs and groups such as the Leadership Circle and PALs are all ways to contribute your skills and resources and truly make a difference in the lives of young patients at Phoenix Children’s, and these are only three of many options to consider. Click the link to learn more. 


Our volunteers that work in the hospital help provide hope, healing and care for patients and their families. Our community volunteers support events that are held throughout Phoenix and surrounding communities.

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