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Phoenix Children's Care Network (PCCN)

Highly recommended pediatricians and pediatric specialists in the community who have agreed to active and ongoing clinical integration with Phoenix Children's Hospital to promote greater accountability for the quality, effectiveness and efficiency of health care services delivered to patients. Select a PCCN general pediatrician and you’ll know your doctor is committed to the highest standards of quality pediatric care and is working closely with Phoenix Children’s pediatric specialists when advanced care is needed.

  1. Allred, Sharon , MD
  2. Argyros, Nicholas J., MD
  3. Arroyo, Luis C., MD
  4. Auxier, Gary G., MD
  5. Balderrama, Jaime A., MD
  6. Baldwin, Amy C., MD
  7. Behshad, Keramat , MD
  8. Bishop, Courtney L., MD
  9. Brousseau, Thomas LF, MD
  10. Burke, Susan K., MD
  11. Carroll, Lafe J., DO
  12. Chandrasekhar, Sudha , MD
  13. Chang, Alan YM, MD
  14. Chung, Susan S., MD
  15. Ciminello, David , MD
  16. Cuellar, Reyna L., MD
  17. DaSilva, Aleta , MD
  18. Deardorff, Mark W., MD
  19. DeMets, Andrea L., MD
  20. Garrett, Anne T., MD
  21. Gonzalez, Arturo , MD
  22. Guthrie, Dale W., MD
  23. Haley, Margaret K., MD
  24. Heck, Richard O., MD
  25. Herchold, Jacek M., MD
  26. Hoff, Beth A., DO
  27. Horner, Tanya L., MD
  28. Jacks, Timothy L., DO
  29. Jones, Jane L., MD
  30. Jones, Ronald I., MD
  31. Kanagal, Nandini , MD
  32. Karuturi-Reddy, Krishna K., MD
  33. Kaye, Martin S., MD
  34. Kent, Nicolle S., MD
  35. Kipp, Scott C., MD
  36. Kleiner, David A, MD
  37. Krieg, Katherine E., MD
  38. Laks, Robin R., MD
  39. Leavitt, Randy H., MD
  40. Letizia, Ruth E., MD
  41. Lichtsinn, Katherine S., MD
  42. LoCoco, Theresa M., MD
  43. Magalnick, Harold , MD
  44. Matsumoto, Diane K., MD
  45. McCleland, Kristin A., MD
  46. Michael, Cecil Francis, MD
  47. Miller, Noelle E., MD
  48. Mohler-Holmes, Christine P., MD
  49. Mullen, Jean , MD
  50. Musso, Tamara M, MD
  51. Namjoshi, Satish G., MD
  52. Nania, Monica E., MD
  53. Nason, Cheri , MD
  54. Novy, Sharon A, MD
  55. Ojha, Sangeeta N, MD
  56. Pepka, Albert Peter, MD
  57. Pepka, Lisa M., MD
  58. Perlstein, Michael , MD
  59. Peterson, Julie L, MD
  60. Piacentine, Joseph G., MD
  61. Ramirez, Khristina M., MD
  62. Richardson, Delphis C., MD
  63. Romero, Sandra S., MD
  64. Schwartz, Albert M., MD
  65. Secaur, Robert E., MD
  66. Serbin, Ronald Matthew, MD
  67. Shoptaugh, Margery Amy A., MD
  68. Smith, James J., MD
  69. Trunzo, Louis G., MD
  70. Valenzuela, Michelle C, MD
  71. Villanueva Schwan, Miriam G., MD
  72. Wallace, Jennifer L., MD
  73. Winterland, Darcey M., MD
  74. Wong, Angela T., MD
  75. Yamada, Kazue , MD
  76. Zankich, Angela M., MD