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How Much Do You Know About Allergies?

Allergies are nothing to sneeze at. Learn how to better deal with them by taking the following quiz.

1. Which of these body systems causes allergic reactions?
A. Endocrine B. Immune C. Nervous D. Autonomic
2. An allergen is anything that triggers an allergic or hypersensitive response. Which of these could be an allergen?
A. Dust B. Food C. Nickel jewelry D. All of the above
3. What does the body release to combat allergens?
A. Plasma B. Epinephrine C. Histamine D. Red blood cells
4. The most severe form of allergic reaction is called anaphylaxis. What happens?
A. Blood pressure drops B. Breathing becomes difficult C. Runny nose develops D. A and B
5. Which of these symptoms is most common with a food allergy?
A. Hives B. Runny nose C. Diarrhea D. Nausea
6. Which of these foods are most likely to trigger an allergy?
A. Shellfish B. Wheat C. Celery D. A and B
7. More Americans are developing a sensitivity to the plant proteins in latex materials or the chemical additives used in manufacturing the materials. Who's most at risk of developing a latex allergy?
A. People who undergo numerous medical procedures B. Health care workers C. Children D. A and B
8. Pediatricians who treat children with egg allergies are cautious about using certain vaccines because they may be grown in an egg medium. Which of these vaccines warrant caution?
A. MMR B. Flu C. Polio D. A and B
9. Dust mites trigger indoor respiratory allergies. Where are you most likely to find them in the home?
A. Carpet B. Beds C. Drapes D. All of the above
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Online Editor: Sinovic, Dianna
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Date Last Reviewed: 9/1/2016