Children's Health and Wellness

What Do You Know About Teen Health?

Test your knowledge of what it takes to be a healthy teen.

1. What portion of a of a person’s total height happens during puberty?
A. 5%B. 9%C. 25%D. 16%
2. How much calcium does an adolescent need each day?
A. 900 mgB. 1,000 mgC. 1,200 mgD. 1,300 mg
3. How often does a teen need a routine physical exam?
A. Every yearB. Every 2 yearsC. Every 3 yearsD. Every 4 years
4. What vaccines should teens have?
A. Tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis booster (Tdap)B. PolioC. ShinglesD. Mononucleosis
5. Which eye problem most often gets worse during adolescence?
A. FarsightednessB. NearsightednessC. CataractsD. None of the above
6. Anabolic steroids are illegal, but they are still used by teen athletes to boost athletic performance. Which of these groups is most likely to use them?
A. Boys younger than 15B. Girls younger than 15C. Boys 16 to 18D. Girls 16 to 18
7. Which of these may be symptoms of alcohol or drug abuse?
A. Changes in eating habits and sleep patternsB. More hostilityC. Change in friendsD. All of the above
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Author: Floria, Barbara
Online Editor: Sinovic, Dianna
Online Medical Reviewer: Adler, Liora C, MD
Online Medical Reviewer: Dozier, Tennille, RN, BSN, RDMS
Date Last Reviewed: 5/1/2017