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Take the Toilet Training Quiz

One of the milestones for toddlers is toilet training. As a first-time parent, you may have questions about when to start and how to proceed. Learn more about toilet training by taking this quiz.

1. At what age is a child usually ready to start learning to use the toilet?
A. Around 9 monthsB. Around 1 yearC. Around 2 to 3 yearsD. Around 5 years
2. How long does it take for a child to master the process of using the toilet?
A. 2 weeksB. 1 monthC. 3 monthsD. 6 monthsE. Any of the above
3. Which of these behaviors means that your child may be ready to learn to use the toilet?
A. Child is able to follow simple instructionsB. Child is able to control the muscles used for eliminationC. Child is able to keep a diaper dry for 2 hoursD. Child is able to pull down his or her diaper or underpants without helpE. All of the above
4. If a toileting accident happens while you are teaching your child, you should:
A. Act disappointedB. Punish your childC. Give up; your child isn't ready for toilet trainingD. Tell your child it was an accident and move on
5. Young children have more trouble staying dry at night than during the day.
A. TrueB. False
6. What may contribute to nighttime bedwetting?
A. Slower physical development than others the child's ageB. Making too much urineC. Can't sense when the bladder is full when asleepD. All of the above
7. Which is a helpful technique for easing nighttime bedwetting?
A. Have your child use the toilet just before bedB. Limit the amount of fluids your child drinks just before going to bedC. Use an alarm deviceD. All of the above
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