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What Do You Really Know About Sleep?

A good night's sleep—everyone needs it, but not everyone gets it. We stay up late and get up early, and then wonder why we always feel tired. Why is sleep important? See how much you know about snoozing by taking this quiz.

1. The rapid eye movement (REM) sleep stage is when dreaming occurs. How often does REM happen during the night?
A. 4 or 5 timesB. 3 timesC. 2 timesD. 1 time
2. To function well, adults should average how much sleep a night?
A. 5 hoursB. 6 hoursC. 7 to 8 hoursD. 9 to 10 hours
3. How many Americans suffer from undiagnosed sleep disorders?
A. 10 millionB. 40 millionC. 125 millionD. 200 million
4. A sleepless night can have a similar effect on your ability to drive in morning rush-hour traffic as which of these?
A. Using a cell phone while drivingB. Using medicines that make you drowsyC. Using alcoholD. None of the above
5. Minor sleep deprivation can affect concentration, mood, and what else?
A. MemoryB. Physical performanceC. Ability to do mathD. All of the above
6. Sleepwalking tends to run in families. At what ages does it occur most often?
A. 3 to 5B. 6 to 12C. Teen yearsD. Adult years
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Author: Sinovic, Dianna
Online Editor: Sinovic, Dianna
Online Medical Reviewer: Blaivas, Allen J, DO
Online Medical Reviewer: Fraser, Marianne, MSN, RN
Date Last Reviewed: 11/1/2017