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What Do You Know About Multiple Births?

So you're having more than one! You're not alone. The number of multiple births has increased dramatically in recent years.

1. Which is an explanation for the increasing number of multiple births in this country?
A. Increased use of fertility medicine B. More women older than age 30 giving birth C. More men older than age 30 becoming fathers D. A and B
2. When are most women diagnosed with twins or other multiples?
A. In the first trimester B. In the second trimester C. In the third trimester D. In the delivery room
3. Twins and other multiples usually are born preterm, before 37 weeks. What is the average length of pregnancy for a twin birth?
A. 38 weeks B. 37 weeks C. 36 weeks D. 35 weeks
4. Which of these may be a health problem for premature infants?
A. Extreme jaundice B. Anemia C. Gastroesophageal reflux D. All of the above
5. What percentage of twins is identical?
A. 13% B. 24% C. 37% D. 49%
6. Which of these health problems does a woman carrying multiples face?
A. Heart disease B. Preeclampsia C. Asthma D. Gestational diabetes E. B and D
7. How much weight should a woman of normal weight who is expecting twins gain during the term of her pregnancy?
A. 20 to 25 pounds B. 25 to 30 pounds C. 30 to 35 pounds D. 37 to 54 pounds
8. Which of these nutrients in a healthy diet is especially important for a woman with multiples?
A. Iron B. Protein C. Vitamin C D. A and B E. None of the above
9. After the 24th week of pregnancy, women carrying multiples will be monitored for signs of preterm labor. If signs of labor occur, what is the likely treatment?
A. Cesarean delivery B. Bed rest C. Medications to stop labor D. B and C E. None of the above
10. What percentage of twin births is delivered vaginally?
A. 10% B. 25% C. 35% D. 40%
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Author: Sinovic, Dianna
Online Editor: Sinovic, Dianna
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Online Medical Reviewer: Kanipe, Jennifer, RN, BSN
Date Last Reviewed: 8/16/2015