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Take the West Nile Virus Quiz

Prevention is the best way to deal with West Nile virus. Protecting yourself against mosquito bites makes it less likely that you’ll get this disease It will also protect you against other diseases that mosquitoes can carry.

1. West Nile virus belongs to a group of viruses known as flaviviruses. How are these viruses spread?
A. Through contaminated waterB. By mosquitoesC. By sneezing or coughingD. Through raw or undercooked meat
2. People aren't the usual host of the mosquitoes that carry the West Nile virus. What is?
A. RaccoonsB. White-tail deerC. SkunksD. Crows and jays
3. Which group of people is at higher risk of becoming seriously ill with West Nile virus?
A. InfantsB. TeenagersC. People over 60D. A and C
4. Which of these may be a symptom of West Nile virus infection in a healthy person?
A. FeverB. HeadacheC. NauseaD. Skin rashE. All of the above
5. Which of these is a serious complication of West Nile virus infection?
A. EncephalitisB. MeningitisC. ArthritisD. A and B
6. Which of these is a treatment for West Nile virus infection?
A. AntibioticsB. AntihistaminesC. VitaminsD. None of the above
7. Which of these are ways to prevent getting infected with West Nile virus?
A. Wear long sleeves and long pants when outdoorsB. Stay indoors at dawn and duskC. Use an insect repellant that contains DEETD. All of the above
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