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Your Child's Asthma: Quiz

Children are more likely to have asthma than are adults. In fact, asthma is the most common long-term childhood disease, according to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. Find out more about this condition by taking the following quiz.

1. Asthma is a common disease among children and adults in the U.S.
A. True B. False
2. Asthma is an emotional or psychological illness.
A. True B. False
3. Asthma flare-ups may cause breathing problems but aren't dangerous.
A. True B. False
4. Asthma flare-ups usually occur suddenly without warning.
A. True B. False
5. Many different things can cause an asthma flare-up.
A. True B. False
6. Asthma can't be cured, but it can be controlled.
A. True B. False
7. Different types of medicine are available to control asthma.
A. True B. False
8. People with asthma have no way to monitor how well their lungs are working.
A. True B. False
9. Asthma only starts in childhood.
A. True B. False
10. Tobacco smoke can make an asthma flare-up worse.
A. True B. False
11. People with asthma should not exercise.
A. True B. False
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Author: Sinovic, Dianna
Online Editor: Sinovic, Dianna
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Online Medical Reviewer: Brown, Kim, APRN
Date Last Reviewed: 10/1/2016