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What Do You Know About Cystic Fibrosis?

Cystic fibrosis (CF) is an inherited disease that mostly affects the respiratory and digestive systems. About 30,000 children and young adults in the U.S. have CF. Most of them are descendants of people from northern Europe. Find out more about CF by taking this quiz.

1. CF mainly affects which body system?
A. Circulatory systemB. Respiratory systemC. Digestive systemD. Nervous systemE. B and C
2. How many Americans are carriers of the abnormal CF gene?
A. About 100,000B. About 1 millionC. About 5 millionD. More than 10 millionE. None of the above
3. Which symptom in an infant or young child might mean CF?
A. Stools that are pale, foul, or floatB. Frequent wheezing or pneumoniaC. Salty-tasting skinD. Chronic coughE. All of the above
4. What happens to the mucus glands in a child with CF?
A. Too little mucus is madeB. The mucus made is too thinC. The mucus made is too thickD. The mucus builds up in the bodyE. C and D
5. How is the digestive system affected by extra mucus in CF?
A. The mucus can cause stomach ulcersB. The mucus can damage the bile ducts in the liverC. The mucus can clog the ducts in the pancreasD. The mucus can damage the rectumE. B and C
6. How is CF diagnosed?
A. Sweat testB. Blood testC. Lung volume testD. Urine testE. A and B
7. Currently, no effective medicine is available to cure CF. But doctors can prescribe medicines that help slow the progression of the disease. Which of these types of medicine can do this?
A. BronchodilatorsB. AntibioticsC. DecongestantsD. MucolyticsE. All of the above
8. A defect in a gene that makes the protein cystic fibrosis transmembrane regulator is the cause of CF. According to recent research, this problem causes an imbalance of which key substance in the body?
A. HormonesB. GlucoseC. CarbohydratesD. Fatty acids
9. CF is an inherited, disease. How is CF passed down through families?
A. One parent is a carrier of the CF geneB. One grandparent is a carrier of the CF geneC. Both parents are carriers of the CF geneD. All of the above
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