Phoenix Children’s Hospital East Building Directory

East Building at Phoenix Children's Hospital​Welcome to the East Building!

To help find your way through the building, use the listing below (subject to change).  See a larger map - first floor of East Building.




First Floor Fourth Floor
Second Floor Fifth Floor
Third Floor 

 First Floor - East Building

   1 Darn Cool School  (602) 933-1706
   Emily Center Family Library  (602) 933-1400
   Emergency Department (ED)  (602) 933-1900
   Laboratory/Pathology  (Inpatient)  (602) 933-1280
      Outpatient Records  (602) 933-0886
   Newborn Intensive Care Unit (NICU)  (602) 933-1454
   Medical/Surgical Units - Care Areas East  
      Area 1A - Inpatient Rehab  (602) 933-1167
      Area 1B  (602) 933-1012
      Area 1C  (602) 933-1036
      Area 2  (602) 933-2025
      Area 3  (602) 933-3100
      Area 4A  (602) 933-4100
      Area 4B  (602) 933-4101
      Area 5A  (602) 933-5532
      Area 5B  (602) 933-5515
      Area E  (602) 933-1834
      Area F  (602) 933-1836
   Rehabilitation Services  (Inpatient & Outpatient)  
      Inpatient Rehabilitation Services  (602) 933-1167
      Inpatient Rehabilitation Program  (602) 933-1169
      Evaluations for OT, PT, Speech  (602) 933-0865
      Speech Therapy (appointments)  (602) 933-0980
      OT/PT (appointments)  (602) 933-0980

 Second Floor - East Building - Care Area 2

   Gastroenterology  (Inpatient)  (602) 933-0940
   Diabetes/Endocrinology  (Inpatient)  (602) 933-0935

 Third Floor - East Building - Care Area 3

   Gastroenterology  (Inpatient)  (602) 933-0940
   Diabetes/Endocrinology  (Inpatient)  (602) 933-0935
   Infectious Disease  (Inpatient)  (602) 667-4438

 Fourth Floor - East Building - Care Area 4


   Children's Heart Center - East

      Cardiothoracic Surgery  (602) 933-0200
      Cardio Diagnostics (ECHO, Holter)  (602) 933-1610

 Fifth Floor - East Building - Care Area 5

   Pulmonology  (Inpatient) - Care Area 5A  
      Short Stay - Respiratory (including asthma,
      pneumonia, cystic fibrosis, and respiratory viruses)
 (602) 933-1420
   Bio-Behavioral  (Inpatient) - Care Area 5B  
      Psychology/Psychiatry  (602) 933-0990

Contacting a Patient Room

To call directly into a patient phone from outside the hospital, first dial
(602) 933-0033, press 1, and then enter 4 plus the patient bed number.

Lobby Hours:

East Building lobby hours

Mon -Fri: 6:30 a.m. - 8:30 p.m.

Closed: Sat - Sun 

Parking near the East Building entrance 

East Building map - iso

For appointments in the East Building, it is best for patients to park in the Thomas Garage West and enter through the lobby of the Main Building.  After the appointment check-in and/or admitting process is completed, patients will then be escorted to their appointment in the East Building.  

To access Thomas Garage West , enter on Children’s Way from the traffic light at 1919 E. Thomas Road. Enter through the Main Building and follow the public connector to the east, which leads to the East Building. 

Curbside drop-off and pick-up are also available in front of the Main Building entrance.

Parking near the Emergency Department

Parking in the Emergency lot is extremely limited and reserved for families arriving by car with a child who needs immediate emergency care. Family or friends arriving in other cars should park in the Cambridge Lot.

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