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Phoenix Children's Hospital is the only children's hospital in Arizona with a comprehensive Gender Management Program. We provide outpatient services geared towards supporting the physical, mental, and social health of children and youth and their families as they progress through their gender identity development. As specialists in pediatrics, adolescent medicine, and psychology, we recognize that the process of gender identity development is uniquely individual. Our providers determine the best treatment plan for each individual in collaboration with youth, families, physicians, and mental health therapists, and other specialists that may be involved in their care.

Patients served by our clinic include:

  • Gender non-conforming youth: Children and adolescents who exhibit behavior not typical of their assigned birth sex
  • Gender questioning youth: Children and adolescents who are questioning their gender identities (e.g., “I was born a girl, but I wonder if I’m really a boy?”)
  • Transgender youth: Children and adolescents whose gender identity is different from their assigned birth sex (e.g., “I was born a girl, but I am really a boy.”)


  • Consultation for families with gender non-conforming children and adolescents
  • Consultation for the use of medications to suppress puberty 
  • Consultation for masculinizing and feminizing hormonal therapy
  • Readiness evaluations for puberty supression and cross-sex hormonal therapy by mental health providers
  • Weekly support group facilitated by our Phoenix Children's Hospital psychologist
  • Referrals to experienced mental health providers in the community
  • Support and advocacy for patients and families through various aspects of transition, including working with school systems  and completing legal name and gender marker changes in identifying documents
  • Family support services: Our service is affiliated with Arizona Trans Youth and Parent Organization, a local support group providing emotional support and guidance to families of children and youth along their gender development pathways and through their gender transition 
  • Training and Education: Our providers speak at conferences, participate in community events, and appear in the media to educate the professional and lay communities about care and needs of this  unique population of children and youth


Caring for the Community

Transgender people often encounter stigma, rejection, and discrimination in housing and employment which places them at a significant social and economic disadvantage. One in five transgender individuals report having experienced homelessness at some point in their lives. Research also shows that one in five transgender people in the United States have been discriminated against when seeking a home, and more than one in ten have been evicted from their homes due to their gender identity. Discrimination in employment is also a common experience which impacts their ability to have the resources to access healthcare services. 

We provide homeless adolescents and young adults with access to comprehensive and affirming care through our Homeless Youth Outreach program and our partnerships with local drop-in centers, shelters, transitional living programs, and advocacy organizations.


Our Providers

Veenod Chulani, MD, MSED, FSAHM, CEDS

Dr. Chulani, one of only a handful of adolescent medicine specialists in Arizona, specializes in cross gender hormonal therapy for transgender youth.

Reeti Chawla, MD

Dr. Chawla, a board certified pediatric endocrinologist, supervises the use of puberty blockers. 

Joshua Kellison, PhD

Dr. Kellison is a pediatric psychologist specializing in the assessment and care of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender, and questioning (LGBTQ) youth  

For appointments, please contact (602) 933-0659



The Emily Center Family Health Library at Phoenix Children’s Hospital:

The largest pediatric consumer health library in the Southwest provides patients,  families and professionals with access to the nation's most reliable sources of pediatric health information. The Center has compiled a comprehensive Gender Management Resource Guide on the medical and psychological care and social support for transgender children and youth. URL; Phone: (602) 933-1400. URL; 

Arizona Trans Youth Parent Organization:

The Phoenix based support group provides the parents, family, and friends of transgender children and youth a common space to share struggles and successes, discuss challenges and concerns, and provide emotional support and guidance. E-mail:


The Phoenix-based non-profit serves LGBTQ youth and young adults ages 14-24 years by providing empowering social and service programs that promote self‐expression, self‐acceptance, leadership development and healthy life choices. Programs include support groups for transgender youth. Website; 


Patient Story

12-year-old transgender youth, Luke, is currently undergoing a transition with support from Dr. Vinny Chulani. Watch Luke’s incredible story!

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