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Allergy & Immunology

The Phoenix Children's Hospital's Allergy and Immunology Clinic provides care for children with allergic diseases and disorders, including asthma, food allergy, “hay fever,” and eczema.  The clinic is located in the Pediatric Pulmonology Department, thus allowing access to the Pediatric Respiratory Lab and its on-site respiratory testing.  Allergy “skin testing” is performed in the Allergy Clinic for diagnosing seasonal and perennial allergies, food allergies, stinging insect allergy, and drug allergy.

Section Chief:

Duane Wong, MD

Cindy Salm Bauer, MD

Common Diagnoses Seen:

  • Anaphylaxis and other allergic reactions
  • Angioedema
  • Asthma
  • Allergic rhinitis and/or Allergic conjunctivitis (“hay fever”)
  • Atopic dermatitis/Eczema
  • Chronic and acute urticaria/hives
  • Contact dermatitis
  • Drug allergy
  • Eosinophilic Esophagitis
  • Food Allergy
  • Stinging Insect Allergy
  • Vocal Cord Dysfunction


  • Allergy “Skin” testing
  • Drug challenges
  • Food challenges
  • Immunotherapy
  • Pulmonary function testing (spirometry)
  • Other respiratory lab services and/or interpretation in conjunction with the Pulmonary Department, including:
    • Methacholine Challenge Interpretation
    • Exercise Challenge Interpretation
    • Pulmonary function interpretation

Programs and Services:

  • Breathmobile
  • Severe Asthma Clinic, in conjunction with Allergy/Immunology and Pulmonology


(602) 933-4063

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