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Bone Marrow Stem Cell Harvesting

Bone marrow stem cell harvesting is a type of allogeneic stem cell source for stem cell transplant patients at Phoenix Children's Hospital.

The collection of stem cells from the donor takes place in the operating room, often during the pre-admission phase of the stem cell transplant process.

The donor is under general anesthesia for the procedure, which consists of multiple needle aspirations into their hipbones.

The donor may experience some discomfort associated with the multiple needle aspirations required to collect the cells from the bones. Tylenol and other pain medications are often given to treat this discomfort.

The donor may stay one night at the hospital after the collection, but may also be able to go home a few hours after the procedure.

The donor for this type of stem cell transplant can be a number of people. It most commonly is a sibling of the patient, although may be another family member of the patient.

If the donor is not related to the patient, the procedure is called an unrelated donor bone marrow transplant.

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