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Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders - Psychosocial Programs

AbbyIn 1984, the Psychosocial Program at Phoenix Children's was created from a vision of several parents whose children were treated at our Hospital. This group was confident their child's physical and medical needs were being treated effectively, but they believed their children would cope better if their emotional and social needs were also part of the treatment.

Many research studies have concluded patients who participate in a comprehensive psychosocial program throughout treatment have better emotional outcomes than those who have no access to a comprehensive psychosocial program.

Today, the psychosocial program at the Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders is staffed with five full time professional counselors and a full time director. All are masters prepared with backgrounds in clinical psychology, counseling and social work.

The following psychosocial programs are offered (at no cost to families) at the Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders:

  • Camp Rainbow: Pediatric oncology patients and former patients enjoy a one week summer camp.
  • Educational materials: Families receive up-to-date educational materials free of charge.
  • Family Night: These are support groups facilitated by professionally trained staff for patients, parents and siblings.
  • Holiday Card Project: This annual fundraising project of Phoenix Children's Hospital benefits the psychosocial programs at the Center.
  • Professional Counseling: Professionals are available to discuss treatment issues, adjustment to illness, family coping issues, school issues, behavioral and emotional changes, financial issues, body image changes, assist with identifying community resources, etc.
  • Rainbow Kids Activities: Monthly recreational activities include picnics, ice skating, etc. for patients and families.
  • School Re-entry Program: A counselor facilitates a staff meeting and/or a classroom presentation to assist the patient with the transition of going back to school following diagnosis and treatment.
  • Bereavement: This one year follow-up program helps families whose children succumb to their disease.
  • Support groups: Families with a member living with bleeding disorders meet to discuss and learn about various diagnosis-related topics.
  • Parent Retreats: Parents with children who have bleeding disorders may attend a weekend retreat where materials and experiential sessions are presented.
  • Camp HONOR: This is a one week summer camp for children and siblings of children who are living with bleeding disorders.
  • Teen Raft Trips: Each Spring, children with bleeding disorders ages 12 to 17 enjoy a raft trip with medical team support.
  • Strength Training: Physical therapists offer an ongoing program to provide strength training and exercise regimens to increase strength, health and confidence in children with bleeding disorders.
  • Parent to parent support network: New families are paired with families who have experience with bleeding disorders through phone contact and playgroups.
  • Educational School Visits: Trained professionals offer schools with students who have bleeding disorders educational materials to help families educate school leaders.


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