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The Epidermolysis Bullosa, or “EB” Clinic at Phoenix Children’s Hospital is dedicated to caring for the complex needs of children with this rare, genetic skin disease. Our EB Clinic is one of only four comprehensive pediatric clinics in the country and is the only clinic in the Southwest with a dedicated pediatric EB nurse.

The clinic provides a warm, supportive, information-rich environment for children with EB and their families, including care coordination and updates about new treatments and clinical trials.

Dr. Ronald Hansen and Dr. Harper Price lead the team

Dr. Hansen is the program director of the EB Clinic at Phoenix Children’s Hospital and has 33 years experience treating children with EB. Dr. Harper Price is co-director of the EB Clinic. Together, they lead a multidisciplinary team who are committed to providing the best physical and emotional support to children with EB.

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About Epidermolysis Bullosa in Children

EB is a group of incurable skin conditions that most often cause recurring blistering on the skin. While there is no cure  for EB, with comprehensive and continuous care, symptoms can be alleviated and complications can be prevented.

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