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Meet the Pediatric EB Team at Phoenix Children's Hospital

Pediatric Dermatologists

Pediatric dermatologists have specialized training in the care of hair, skin and nail conditions that affect children. Our team of pediatric dermatologists and specialists are experienced in the diagnosis and care of patients with EB, and assist with everything from prevention of infections, to maximizing wound healing by recommending the appropriate dressings for the skin.

Dr. Ronald Hansen and Dr. Harper Price lead the EB Clinic team

The EB Clinic at Phoenix Children’s Hospital is the only comprehensive EB clinic with a multidisciplinary team in the Southwest , including the only EB nurse  in Arizona. The team is dedicated to treating children with EB.

Dr. Ronald HansenRonald Hansen, MD

Dr. Ronald Hansen is a board-certified dermatologist and pediatrician with more than 33 years experience treating children with skin conditions such as EB. Dr. Hansen is the director of the EB Clinic at Phoenix Children’s Hospital.

Dr. Harper PriceHarper Price, MD

Dr. Harper Price is a board-certified pediatric dermatologist and co-director of the EB Clinic at Phoenix Children’s Hospital. Dr. Price completed an internal medicine internship and dermatology residency training at Penn State/Milton S. Hershey Medical Center, Hershey, Pa. She finished her training with a pediatric dermatology fellowship at New York University Medical Center, New York, N.Y. Dr. Price is the director for the pediatric dermatology fellowship program and is a speaker at national dermatology and pediatric conferences.

EB Clinic Team Members

Kellie Badger, RN

Kellie Badger is the only EB nurse in Arizona. Kellie helps coordinate the multidisciplinary care for our EB patients. She also helps educate our new families about EB and ensures that patients and families have the supplies and resources to provide the best care possible while at home.  She is available during clinic to help with wound care and dressing changes.

Nutrition: Kate Haddon

Our nutritionist, Kate works with our EB children and their families to help alleviate nutrition-related complications associated with EB. She aids in developing feeding plans for children with EB which minimize nutritional deficiencies as well as optimize wound healing and growth.

Physical Therapy: Carly Mollineaux

Our physical therapist, Carly is involved in our EB clinic to evaluate our patients’ physical abilities including; gross motor mobility, posture, strength, balance and coordination. She assesses range of motion of any or all affected joints to determine if contractures may be hindering mobility. She can recommend and/or fabricate splints and measure patients for custom gloves for feet or hands. She is available to teach the patient and family range of motion exercises to increase or maintain joint mobility and strengthening.

Occupation Therapy: Cindy Craver

Cindy, who is our occupational therapist, evaluates the patient’s ability to participate in their daily tasks. Her assessment is largely focused on fine motor skills and how any limitations affect the ability to complete daily tasks.  Occupational therapists also make adaptations and provide splinting when hand function is compromised.

Parent Mentor: Kristin Hendrickson

Kristin joins our EB team as a support for fellow parents. She and her husband Rob have first-hand experience raising a child with EB. Kristin has a working knowledge of the daily care requirements and dressing materials for those with EB.  She may discuss issues such as coordinating family life during hospitalizations and clinic visits, managing medical care at home, and a parent’s role in the life of a child with EB.

Social Work: Christine Santistevan

Christine is available to counsel families how to obtain services and resources in the community. She is also available to provide assistance to patients and families who are coping with the many problems that accompany chronic illness, such as economic need, disability and lack of resources.

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