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Diagnosing Children with Vascular Anomalies


Vascular anomalies in children may be diagnosed with a physical exam and a review of your child’s medical history. In many cases, additional tests may be used to pinpoint a specific type of vascular anomaly.

How Vascular Anomalies are Diagnosed in Children

These are the steps that patients and families can expect when they come to our clinic:


Your child's physician can refer you to a member of our team.  For more information, call us at (602) 933-5209.


You and your child will meet our multidisciplinary team of specialists during your appointment. The consultation includes:

  • Interviewing you and your child
  • Reviewing your child’s and family's medical history
  • Conducting a physical exam
  • Reviewing radiologic studies and pathology


Additional testing is sometimes needed to confirm a diagnosis or to pinpoint the type of vascular anomaly.

These tests may include:

Team Consult and Review

Dr. Hansen and the team will review your child’s case and test results from the perspective of multiple disciplines.

They work in partnership with you and your child to determine the most effective medications, interventional radiology procedures, lasers, medications and surgeries to treat your child’s vascular anomaly and improve their symptoms. If a surgical procedure is the best course of action, you'll be referred to the surgery scheduler.

Follow-up Visit and Results

The team will give you their recommendations and discuss further follow-up at the end of your consultation. If tests are ordered, a physician will call you with you with the results.

Vascular Malformation Clinic Days

The Clinic is held on the first Wednesday afternoon of the month.


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