Developmental milestones: 4 - 5 years

Developmental milestones: 4 - 5 years


Fine Motor

  • Builds block towers in indefinite heights
  • Uses glue and scissors
  • Cuts simple shapes with scissors
  • Holds utensils with fingers rather than fist

Gross Motor

  • Skips or hops
  • Somersaults
  • Challenges self on playground equipment
  • Stands on one foot for 5-10 seconds
  • Catches small (tennis) ball

Receptive Language

  • Follows series of three unrelated commands
  • Identifies 2-3 primary colors
  • Understands concepts: heavy/light; loud/soft; day/night
  • Understands directional concepts: above/below; top/bottom

Expressive Language

  • Combines 4-8 words in a sentence
  • Describes objects according to size, shape, color
  • Enjoys retelling stories
  • Enjoys asking the meaning of new words


Fine Motors

  • Colors within the lines
  • Copies words/numbers
  • Draws a person with at least eight body parts (two arms counts as one part)
  • Feeds self

Receptive Language

  • Identifies all primary colors
  • Understands concepts; same/different; first/middle/last
  • Understands more time-related concepts: before/after; yesterday/tomorrow

Expressive Language

  • Retells a brief story
  • Asks meaning of words
  • Can tell home address
  • Talks about events in the future using "will"
  • Uses pronouns: "himself;" "herself"

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