Developmental milestones: 2 - 3 years

Developmental milestones: 2 - 3 years

Fine Motor

  • Turns door knob to open door
  • Stacks 8-10 blocks
  • Turns single pages of a book
  • Holds crayon like an adult (tripod grasp)
  • Unbuttons large buttons, snaps or unties shoes
  • Begins to use fork

Gross Motor

  • Can walk on tip toes
  • Runs well, changing directions, avoiding obstacles in path
  • Jumps forward with a two foot take off and land (broad jump)
  • Kicks ball

Receptive Language

  • Understands action in pictures
  • Recognizes names of smaller body parts (chin, knee, elbow)
  • Understands functions of objects: "Which one do we comb with?"

Expressive Language

  • Combines words to express: position: "my coat;" recurrence: "more juice;" action: "go outside;" location: "want up"
  • Usually uses 2-4 word combinations
  • Asks for help with personal needs: toileting; washing hands 

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