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ADHD Diagnostic Clinic

Location: 1919 E. Thomas Road

Phoenix, Arizona 85016

Building B, 2nd Floor

Contact:  Jennifer Farabaugh* 

 * Please Note: This contact is for residents ONLY. If you are needing to schedule an appointment or leave a message for Developmental Pediatrics please call 602-933-0970.

FacultyDr. Robin BlitzDr. Sara BodeDr. A.D. Jacobson and Jodi Meadows, PNP


Site Information:

Residents attend the ADHD Diagnostic Clinic every Wednesday morning. Clinic visits are preceded by a series of 4 lectures given to intern resident by senior residents on the following topics: ADHD Diagnosis and EvaluationMedicationHome Management and School Accommodations, and Comorbidities. Residents complete a series of 3 forms during clinic visits that guide them through interviewing questions, behavioral observations, review of systems, examination, diagnosis and treatment planning.


Increase medical knowledge in the areas of: attention disorders diagnosis and treatment, major diagnostic classification and schemas, assessment of behavioral adjustment and temperament, complementary and alternative approaches, comorbidities, and consultations and referrals.

Strengthen patient care, interpersonal and communication skills and professionalism by actively participating in direct patient care using guided interview and observation forms.

Expand knowledge of system-based practice using resources and information provided in the ADHD packet, lecture material, and Emily Center packet.

Improve practice-based learning techniques by participating in educating patients and families diagnosed with ADHD and comborbidities.


Clinic Overiew Information:


Clinic FormsVisit #1Visit #2Visit #3


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