Medical Specialties

Child Help

Location: 2346 North Central Avenue

Phoenix, AZ 85004

Contact: Diane Munoz 602-282-0078

Site Information:

Childhelp is an adovocacy center for abused children that provides medical treatment, mental health therapy, investigational resources, and victim support services.  Residents tour the facility, are given a lecture from the physician on staff regarding the signs and symptoms of abuse, observe forensic interviewing and medical exams.  The opportunity to accompany the physician to court for testimony as an expert witness when available.


  • Describe and discuss modifiable risk factors and the evolving epidemiology of pediatric illnesses and their impact on child health and well-being and child health equity.
  • Identify and describe effective public health interventions at the individual, community, and national level, e.g. screening & prevention programs aimed at modifying risk factors for disease or adverse health outcomes, and case identification and tracking.
  • Describe and discuss the individual practitioner’s role within the greater public health infrastructure, including early identification, notification, mandated reporting, and emergency planning/response recovery.

ACGME Competencies:

  • Interpersonal and Communication Skills
  • Systems-Based Practices
  • Professionalism
  • Medical Knowledge
  • Patient Care

Reading Materials: Evaluation of Suspected Child Physical AbuseSNAT PowerPoint

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