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ADHD Resources

Arizona Resources for ADHD 

AHCCCS Behavioral Health Coordinators Contact Information 

AHCCCS Behavioral Health Coordinators for each Specific Plan 

Websites for Parents of Children with ADHD 

The Complete ADHD Toolkit with Vanderbilt Assessment Forms:

ADHD Toolkit 

Vanderbilt Initial Parent Form 

Vanderbilt Initial Teacher Form 

Vanderbilt Parent Evaluation Form (Spanish) 

Vanderbilt Follow Up Parent Form 

Vanderbilt Follow Up Teacher Form 

Vanderbilt Scoring Guide 

Parent Handouts:

ADHD Resources on the Internet 

Does My Child Have ADHD? 

Educational Rights for your Child with ADHD 

Homework Tips 

For Parents of Children with ADHD 

Sleep Difficulties 

Working with Your Child's School 

Parent Handouts from CHADD:

ADHD and Teens- Information for Teens:            English     Spanish

ADHD and Teens- Information for Parents:         English     Spanish

Behavioral Treatment for Children with ADHD:    English     Spanish

Educational Rights for Children with ADHD :        English     Spanish

Medication Management for ADHD:                      English     Spanish

Parenting a Child with ADHD:                                English     Spanish

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