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Type 1 Diabetes in Children

Type 1 diabetes in children is the most common diabetes diagnosis for young people with diabetes, although it only accounts for approximately 5 – 10 percent of all diabetics.

In type 1 diabetes, beta cells of the diabetic child's pancreas no longer make insulin because the body's immune system has attacked and destroyed them.

With an inadequate supply or absence of insulin, glucose cannot enter the cells, and collects in the blood instead.

Type 1 diabetics require multiple daily injections of insulin for life.

Incidence of Type 1 Diabetes

Type 1 diabetes accounts for 5 – 10 percent of all diagnosed cases of diabetes in kids and is one of the most common chronic diseases in school-aged children.

About one in every 400 – 600 children has type 1 diabetes, and more than 13,000 children are diagnosed with type 1 diabetes each year.

The incidence of type 1 diabetes in children is about:

  • Seven per 100,000 per year in children ages four and under
  • Fifteen per 100,000 per year in children ages 5–9
  • Twenty-two per 100,000 per year in ages 10–14

About 75 percent of all newly diagnosed cases of type 1 diabetes occur in individuals younger than 18 years of age.

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