Managing Type 1 Diabetes in Children

Managing Type 1 Diabetes in Children, Type 1 Diabetes Management in Kids

There is no single recipe to manage type 1 diabetes that fits all children.

Most children with type 1 diabetes are dependent on insulin. Other management techniques can include varying levels of:

  • Blood glucose targets
  • Dosage and frequency of insulin
  • Frequency of blood glucose testing
  • Nutrition management
  • Type of insulin
  • Use of insulin injections or a insulin pump

However, all diabetes management plans include:

  • Insulin therapy
  • Self-monitoring of blood glucose
  • Healthy eating
  • Physical activity

New Management Strategies for Type 1 Diabetes

New management strategies are helping children with type 1 diabetes live long and healthy lives.

Fixed Insulin Doses

Children with type 1 diabetes that receive fixed insulin doses of intermediate- and rapid-acting insulins must have food given to them at the time of peak action of the insulin.

Long Acting Insulin and Insulin Pump Therapy

Children receiving a long-acting insulin or using insulin pump therapy receive a rapid-acting insulin dose prior to meals, based on the amount of carbohydrate content of the meal (this is called the insulin-to-carbohydrate ratio). Further adjustment of insulin or food intake may be made based on anticipation of special circumstances such as increased exercise.

Children on these regimens are expected to check their blood glucose levels with a glucometer routinely before snacks, meals, and at bedtime. Some children may need to check their blood glucose levels 6-10 times per day.

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