Type 2 Diabetes in Children

Type 2 Diabetes in Children

What is Type 2 Diabetes in Children?

Type 2 diabetes is a metabolic disorder where the body becomes less effective at producing and using insulin due to various factors, including age, obesity, and/or family history.

At one time, Type 2 diabetes primarily occurred in adults who were overweight and/or over the age of 40. Now as more children and adolescents in the United States become overweight and inactive, type 2 diabetes in children is occurring more often.

Insulin resistance is often the first stage in the development of type 2 diabetes in children. It causes an inadequate response to insulin and requiring increased amounts of it to control blood glucose.

Initially, the pancreas responds by producing more insulin, but after several years, not enough insulin is produced, and resulting in type 2 diabetes in children.  

Unlike type 1, type 2 diabetes can often be controlled through diet and exercise.

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