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Fetal Care Program – What to Expect


The team at Phoenix Children's Hospital and Arizona Fetal Care Network understand how difficult it is for expectant parents to find out there is a medical problem with their developing baby. We make the next steps as seamless and coordinated as possible.

What to Expect

1. Before the baby is born

You’ll have the opportunity to meet with the Network’s Coordinator who will arrange consultation appointments with all the specialists your baby will need following birth. Based on your preferences, we’ll create a written plan of care and share it with your obstetrician and any other and providers involved in mother and baby’s care. You’ll keep a copy of this plan as well. Our Coordinator will call your referring provider to confirm the plan.

2. Planning for baby’s birth

You can still deliver at the hospital you and your obstetrician have selected. If your baby just needs time to recover from birth and grow a little stronger, he or she will stay in the nursery or NICU at the birth hospital.

3. What to expect the day the baby is born

Your coordinator will speak to you, your family and the delivering facility regarding your preferences. The specialist(s) you’ve selected will visit your baby in the hospital as needed to confirm that the advanced care plan is still appropriate. They will communicate that back to the Network coordinator, who will schedule any initial appointments required after the baby is discharged. However, if your child’s condition requires immediate surgery or a higher level of care, the Arizona Fetal Care Network will coordinate the baby’s transfer to the Phoenix Children’s Level IIIC NICU or Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit (CVICU).

4. While the baby is at Phoenix Children's Hospital

Our specialists will implement your care plan and organize all follow-up care. You can be assured, the entire care team is here to provide your baby with the best possible start and to begin planning for the ongoing care needed to maximize baby’s health and development.

5. What to expect as the baby grows

A coordinated care plan is provided to families, to share with your pediatrician and subspecialists.

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