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The Gynecology Program at Phoenix Children's Hospital provides females from birth to age 18 with the highest quality medical care. Staffed by a multidisciplinary team that includes pediatric physicians and nurses, our services focus on the specialty of gynecology, which is the examination, diagnosis, and treatment of female reproductive health issues. Often the care of our patients involves other services at the hospital, and staff in our program coordinates this comprehensive care.

We welcome all age groups (pediatric, adolescent, and young adults) and provide treatment for a wide variety of illnesses, as well as routine gynecological exams.


Amy Williamson, MD, Surgical Staff Section Chief

Veenod L. Chulani, MD, MSED, FSAHM, CEDS

Common Diagnoses Seen

  • Heavy, frequent, or painful menstrual periods
  • Irregular or infrequent menstrual periods
  • Signs of early sexual maturation
  • Signs of delayed sexual maturation
  • Breast abnormalities, asymmetry or pain
  • Chronic genital rashes or itching
  • Vaginal discharge, drainage or odor
  • Unusual appearance of the genitals
  • Abdominal pain
  • Ovarian cysts or pelvic masses
  • Abdominal pain, pelvic endometriosis
  • Birth defects involving the reproductive organs
  • Injuries involving the reproductive organs
  • Menses control for developmentally and physically disabled young women

Programs, Services and Types of Surgeries 

  • Exam under anesthesia (outpatient)
  • Laparoscopy for the evaluation of abdominal masses, pelvic pain and pelvic endometriosis
  • Laser surgery
  • Vaginoscopy for the removal of foreign objects and assessment of bleeding and injuries
  • Colposcopy for the evaluation of abnormal bleeding and abnormal pap smears
  • Consultations and re-constructive surgery for birth defects involving the reproductive organs
  • Reproductive Anomalies Clinic
  • Treatment of sexually transmitted diseases

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(602) 933-2728

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