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The Pediatric Hepatology Program at Phoenix Children's Hospital is the only multidisciplinary program of its kind in a freestanding children’s hospital in Arizona. The Program treats and follows patients with acute or chronic liver conditions from infancy to adulthood.

Hepatology is a branch of gastroenterology, which involves the diagnosis and treatment of problems of the digestive system.  A pediatric hepatologist is a gastroenterolgist with further education and training in treating conditions of the liver in children.

Phoenix Children's Pediatric Hepatology Program is led by Dr. Tamir A. Miloh - the only board-certified pediatric hepatologist in Arizona. As part of the Gastroenterology Department, he is supported by pediatric gastroenterologists, nurse practitioners and a liver coordinator, Joy Anderson, RN.

The Pediatric Hepatology Program offers unique programs and services: 

  • The Pediatric Liver Transplant Program is the only one of its kind to offer multidisciplinary care, all in one place.
  • The Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease Clinic offers personalized care with nutritionists and psychologists to promote lifestyle modifications and state-of-the-art medical management. 
  • The Kasai Procedure is a surgical procedure to treat billiary artresia in infants. 
  • Liver masses and tumors are resected and cysts are removed by our team of dedicated pediatric hepatobilliary surgeons. 
  • Interventional radiology procedures include liver biopsies, billiary stents and drains, TIPSS (transjugular intrahepatic portal systemic shunts) and angiographies.
  • Advanced endoscopy including ERCP (endoscopic retrograde cholangio pancrieatography), EBL (endoscopic band ligation) and sclerotherapy.
  • Comprehensive Gastroenterology Department for treating intestinal-related conditions. 
  • All-inclusive nutritional support of enteral and parenteral feeding, including a specialized feeding and aerodigestive clinic.
  • A complete range of subspecialty support including metabolic experts, nephrologists, neurologists, cardiologists, endocrinologists, hematologists, oncologists, radiologists, pharmacists, infection disease specialists, palliative care, anesthetists and pathologists. 

Research and Clinical Trials

Dr. Miloh is an associate professor in clinical pediatrics at the University of Arizona and the academic chief of the GI Department. He is heavily involved in conducting academic research, clinical trials and teaching. This academic research develops and provides ground-breaking treatments for children with liver disease. He's also involved in multi-centered studies across the country.

Dr. Miloh previously created a medication reminder text messaging program to make sure kids adhere to their lifelong treatment and avoid transplant rejections.

Why Phoenix Children’s Hospital?

When a child is treated at Phoenix Children’s, they have better experiences and better outcomes than children treated at an adult facility. Our staff is specially trained to meet the unique needs of growing children and offer the full spectrum of specialized care.

The well-rounded, family-centered care also involves social work, psychology, school teachers, child life specialists and many other support services. 

Our kid-friendly hospital campus has an uplifting environment full of light and color with private patient rooms, family areas, playrooms, food services, a rooftop garden, playground and more.

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