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Liver Disease in Children - Treatment Process


The Hepatology Department at Phoenix Children’s Hospital is led by Dr. Tamir A. Miloh – the only board-certified pediatric hepatologist in Arizona.

Dr. Miloh and his team are dedicated to diagnosing a curing liver disease in children - and offer the only pediatric liver transplant facility within a hospital, in the state of Arizona. 

How the treatment process works

These are the steps that patients and families can expect when liver disease is suspected and they come to our clinic:

  • Referral

A pediatrician, family practice doctor, gastroenterologist, or hepatologist from other hospital (2nd opinion) could refer your child to Dr. Tamir A. Miloh or a member of his team for an evaluation. If your insurance does not require a referral or prior authorization, you can call us to schedule an appointment at (602) 933-0940.

  • Consultation

Dr. Miloh or a member of his team will evaluate your child and may recommend additional consultations with on-site specialists, such as surgeons, radiologists, nutritionists, gastroenterologist, pathologists and other specialists.

  • Testing and Diagnosis


Dr. Miloh or another specialist may recommend testing to determine the cause of liver disease in a child and the severity of the disease. These tests may include biopsies, blood tests, CAT scans, MRI and ultrasound, and will help identify your child’s diagnosis.

  • Evaluation

Once a diagnosis is made, Dr. Miloh and his team will recommend therapies and treatments for your child, which may include lifestyle changes, medications, endoscopy and surgery.

In some cases, Dr. Miloh may have you meet with specialists such as nutritionists, psychologists, social workers and surgeons.

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