Medical Specialties

Pediatric Hepatology Team at Phoenix Children's Hospital


Autism Diagnostic Clinic at Phoenix Children's Hospital

The multidisciplinary team of pediatric specialists at Phoenix Children’s Hospital is led by Pinar Bulut, MD. Together, the team will help to diagnose and treat your child.

Depending on your child's condition, the physicians and staff you and your child may meet include:

  • Hepatologists
  • Nurse Coordinators responsible for the organization of your child's care and evaluation.
  • Nutritionists who helps patients make healthy changes to their eating habits.
  • Social Workers trained to help you and your family understand and cope with the entire process, from evaluation through aftercare.

Contact us

(602) 933-0940


Gastroenterologists and Hepatologists

Kimberly K. Demchak, PNP

Terry W. Dorr, PNP

Laura M. French, CPNP

Additional Team Members and Specialists

John Barton, PhD

Staff Psychologist

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