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The Pediatric Liver Transplant Team

Liver Transplant Team at Phoenix Children's Hospital

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The multidisciplinary team of pediatric specialists at Phoenix Children’s Hospital is led by Dr. Tamir A. Miloh. Together, the team will help to diagnose and treat your child throughout the liver transplant process and into adulthood.

The physicians and staff who your child will meet include:

  • Hepatologists - Dr. Tamir Miloh is the only board-certified and transplant-certified pediatric hepatologist in Arizona. He is the director of the Hepatology Department, which treats children with liver disease. Dr. Pinar Bulut is a pediatric gastroenterologist with a special interest in hepatology and transplant immunology.
  • Transplant SurgeonsDr. Winston Hewitt is our pediatric liver transplant surgeon at Phoenix Children’s Hospital. Dr. David Mulligan performs adult, living donor transplant surgeries at Mayo Clinic.
  • Anesthesiologist - Dr. Michelle Kim is the director of pediatric liver transplant anesthesia at Phoenix Children's Hospital. She leads a team of anesthesiologists who are responsible for ensuring that your child is in the best possible condition, before, during and after this complex surgical procedure.
  • Transplant Coordinator - Joy Anderson, RN is our pediatric liver transplant coordinator. She is responsible for the organization of your child's care, evaluation, listing and post-transplant care.
  • Child Life Specialists – Julie Howenstein is the Child Life Specialists are trained to help children understand medical issues and treatments in an age-appropriate manner.
  • Financial Coordinator – The financial coordinator at Phoenix Children’s can help you with resources to pay for your child’s treatment, including working with your insurance company.
  • Nutritionist – Janet Iurilli is the nutritionist who helps patients make healthy changes to their eating habits.
  • Social Worker – Sandra Coorough is your social worker and is trained to help you and your family understand and cope with the entire liver transplant process, from evaluation through aftercare.

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