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Programs and Services - Newborn Intensive Care Unit (NICU)

Extracorpeal Life Support (ECMO)

We use ECMO - technology used to support the baby's heart and lungs while they heal for several days, similar to heart/lung bypass.

Nitric oxide

A delivery system which delivers a blend of oxygen with nitric oxide to increase blood flow to lungs.

High frequency ventilation

Technology to deliver oxygen and air to the baby's lungs, minimizing trauma to the lungs.

Developmental supportive care

Our approach to the care of infants which utilizes techniques that minimize the impact of the environment, while supporting the infant through proper positioning and individualized plans of care.

Parent education classes

Offered in English and Spanish and designed to prepare our families for the different stages of hospitalization and discharge.

Infant massage

Instructional classes that support early psychological and sensory input in the development of all infants.

Quality initiatives

Benchmarking outcomes with other NICUs throughout the country and the world with the Vermont Oxford Network and the Child Health Corporation of America.  Current initiatives include decreasing primary blood stream infections, feeding protocols, and small baby guidelines which support the care of very low birthweight infants from the delivery room through the first week of life.


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