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When your newborn baby faces complications that require intensive care, the last thing a parent wants to do is leave their baby's side. But often, parents have to return to work or take care of other children. Extended family members may be located too far away to visit in-person and visitation around these fragile newborns is strictly controlled. 

The NICU webcam program uses a secure video feed to give families a way to visit their newborn from anywhere with an internet connection. 

How It Works

When your infant is assigned to a virtual visit enabled NICU bed,  you will be given the option of using the system. Once enabled, you’ll be able to view a live video feed of your child. This feed can also be shared securely with friends and family.

To log in, go to the Phoenix Children’s Virtual Visit site.

What Patient Families are Saying

  • “I love it because we can't be with our son every day and we can still be with him, watching him.”
  • “This is amazing. I "held" our baby boy on my lap top...and carried him on my iPhone. Friends were in awe. Thank you so much. This bridged the gap of miles.” - A Very Happy Grandma
  • “I think this is a wonderful and helpful tool giving parents, grandparents, friends and family piece of mind.”
  • “I was 2 hours north of my baby. He was life-flighted down to Phoenix Children's Hospital and I had to stay back. The days following, I was in the hospital away from him and extremely concerned about his wellbeing. Having the camera to look at him whenever I was awake was beyond a blessing. The cameras along with the wonderful staff made this awful experience more manageable. The other fantastic benefit to the camera was being able to share with other concerned family members. When you are grieving for your child and concerned family members also want updates, adding them to the live feed helped to keep the others at ease as well. I can't say thank you enough” -Best Regards, A Loving Mother
  • “It was great being able to see my grandson whenever I wanted. I know it helped decrease my daughter's and son-in-law's stress and concern for their son.”
  • “I am grateful and thankful for the Virtual Visit. I was able to travel 6 hours away and take care of paperwork back home. I appreciate the cameras, the NICU and everyone working at Phoenix Children’s hospital. Thank you.”

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