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Phoenix Children's Hospital Pain Medicine Program


Comprehensive, collaborative care for pain management in children

The Phoenix Children's Hospital Pain Medicine Program is the only comprehensive pain management program in Arizona and the Southwest, and one of a few in the United States. Our multidisciplinary pediatric pain management team provides a wide range of treatment options for children in pain, including pharmacologic, non-pharmacologic and interventional services.

Services include inpatient acute care services, outpatient services and procedure sedation. All services are multidisciplinary with regular communication between practitioners. Individual consultations, patient care conferences and administrative committees help the pain care programs develop and expand.

Team of pediatric pain specialists

The pain management team members are pediatric specialists who understand the difference between treating a child and an adult. They are able to better assess how infants, children and adolescents express pain and are highly skilled in prescribing the best pediatric treatment options.

The multidisciplinary team includes anesthesiologists, pediatricians, nurse practitioners, psychologists, psychiatrists, neurologists, child life specialists, physical therapists, school reentry specialists and many others. The entire team works to alleviate suffering and restore normal daily living to children with pain.

Multidisciplinary care that is uniquely patient-centered

Unlike pediatric services that operate within an adult facility, everything about the inpatient and outpatient environment at Phoenix Children’s is designed specifically to accommodate the unique needs of children and their families.

The patient and family are closely involved with clinical decision-making from the beginning, through treatment regimen development, daily rounds and care conferences.

Patient and family education

Original educational materials related to general pain management, PCA management, epidural analgesia and The Complex Pain Treatment Guide, educate patients and families about chronic pain and its treatment.

A PCA educational module is provided to all patients and families before therapy is initiated. All our educational materials are developed using simple language and incorporating art and games, so even young children can read, enjoy and understand them.

All educational materials are translated into Spanish. We also have Spanish translators available, who translate in-person when needed.

Outreach and education

The team offers their expertise by reaching out and working closely with many groups and institutions to raise awareness through:

  • Original educational materials for patients and families
  • Formal educational programs
  • Informal lectures
  • Regional and national conference presentations
  • Standard of care development in collaboration with other community practitioners
  • Outreach to other community hospitals and assistance establishing improved care for patients
  • Developing educational programs and internships for students, trainees, physicians and nurses
  • Participating in worldwide clinical trials and producing original research projects

Continued growth

Through opinion surveys and invitations to participate in research, the pain management team continues to establish policies and procedures that bridge clinical care with patient and family concerns.

Contact us

For outpatient clinic appointments and referrals:
Phone: 602-933-PAIN 
Fax: 602-933-4341

For program information and inpatient pain services:
Phone: 602-933-1537

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