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Preparing For Your Stay in Sleep Study Lab


Sleep Medicine at Phoenix Children's Hospital

One parent/guardian is allowed to stay the night with the child. Unfortunately, no siblings are permitted to attend the study with you. During the night of your stay, a sleep nurse will be available to answer any questions you or your child may have. The sleep nurse can also help ease any fear or anxiety your youngster may be experiencing.

Sleep Studies – Everything You Need to Know

Dr. Matthew Troester, Sleep Medicine

The study is painless and provides important medical information to your doctor. Phoenix Children’s Hospital works with a company called Sleep Med to help conduct the study.

What is it?

A sleep study is a computerized test that records important information about your child’s sleep. Depending on symptoms, an overnight sleep study may be necessary during which time oxygenation, sleep quality, the staging of sleep, leg movements and EKG rhythms are closely monitored and evaluated. A computer records your child’s:

  • Sleep Patterns
  • Brain Waves
  • Breathing
  • Body Movements

How does it work?

To set up for the test, the technologist will place sticky recording pads on your child’s head, face, legs and chest elastic belts across the chest and abdomen. After these sensors are in place, your child will lie in bed and go to sleep for the night.

One parent must stay with the child during the entire sleep study. A chair-bed is available in the same room for the parent to sleep on. No siblings are allowed in the Sleep Study Lab.

Tests may include:

  • Polysomnography (PSG)
  • Multiple Sleep Latency Testing (MSLT) – performed to obtain an objective measure of sleepiness
  • Maintence of Wakefulness Test (MWT) – used to determine effectiveness of wake promoting medications
  • CPAP Titration (this test is only done on a return visit if sleep apnea is found)

* Please note: These tests do not hurt. There are no needles or shots involved.

Preparing Your Child for the Sleep Study

Sleep Medicine at Phoenix Children's Hospital

Here are some tips and guidelines on what your child should and should not do prior to coming in to the Sleep Study Lab at Phoenix Children’s Hospital.


  1. Make sure your child has clean, dry hair.
  2. Give your child his/her regular medication unless your doctor has told you otherwise. Bring any medications your child is taking to the Sleep Study Lab. Eat dinner before you arrive. Food is not provided, but you can bring in snacks for bedtime and the morning. If your food or medication needs to be refrigerated, please bring a small cooler with you to the appointment. The Hospital does not provide a refrigerator for food or drink storage.
  3. Remove any fingernail polish from your child’s fingernails.
  4. Your child may come dressed in pajamas or other comfortable loose-fitting bed clothes or change after arrival.


  1. Do not allow your child to nap in the afternoon before the sleep study.
  2. Do not use hair sprays, oils, styling products, weaves or extensions.
  3. Many beverages and foods have caffeine in them.  Your child should not have any caffeinated foods or drinks for at least 12 hours prior to the sleep study.
  4. Do not dress children in one-piece outfits.

What to Bring to the Sleep Study

  • Parent identification (drivers license)
  • Current insurance card
  • Your child’s favorite pillow, blanket or stuffed animal
  • A favorite book, iPod, or DVD for during the setup of the sleep test
  • Snacks for you or your child for bedtime or in the morning. Formula and a bottle or “sippy cup” if your child will need it while they are in the Sleep Study Lab
  • An extra change of clothes or pajamas for your child in case of an accident
  • Diapers and baby wipes (if needed)
  • A pair of socks for your child
  • Any medication your child would normally take (we occasionally do ask that some medications be discontinued up to 2 weeks prior to the sleep study)
  • The completed questionnaire we sent you

After the Sleep Study is Over

  • All sticky pads are easily removed and washed off your child.
  • You will be ready to leave the Sleep Study Lab no later than 7 a.m. and often as early as 4 - 5 a.m.
  • Call your doctor in five to seven business days for the results.

For Cancellations or Rescheduling

If you need to cancel, reschedule or have questions about your child’s sleep study, call the sleep nurse at (602) 933-0985, Monday through Friday, between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Please call us as soon as you know you cannot make your appointment time and at least 24 hours prior to your child’s sleep study appointment.

Urgent messages can be left on the Sleep Study Lab’s message line at (602) 933-1646.

Contact us/Appointments

(602) 933-0985

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