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The Reproductive Anomalies & Disorders of Sexual Development Clinic at Phoenix Children's Hospital


A thoughtful, individualized approach for patients with congenital malformations of the reproductive system.

The Reproductive Anomalies & Disorders of Sexual Development Clinic is the only program in the region that provides a comprehensive approach to caring for children who are born with a malformation of the reproductive system.

The multidisciplinary clinic combines the experience of subspecialists in the fields of general surgery, urology, gynecology, endocrinology and psychology to diagnose and treat pediatric patients.

Common Conditions Include:

  • Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia
  • Complete Androgen Insensitivity
  • Mixed Gonadal Dysgenesis
  • Vaginal Agenesis
  • Urogenital Sinus Anomalies
  • Exstrophy of the Bladder
  • Cloacal Anomalies
  • Turner Syndrome

In 2010, the Clinic received institutional review board approval from Phoenix Children’s Hospital to develop a registry designed to improve patient outcomes. Currently, this registry is the only existing database model of its kind. Research from this unique endeavor will continue the promotion of health and quality of life for patients that have been diagnosed with a reproductive anomaly.

A Snapshot of the Reproductive Anomalies Population

It’s estimated that each year, about 50 children are born in Arizona with some type of reproductive anomaly. Patients and parents of children living with a reproductive anomaly should know they are not alone – the Reproductive Anomalies Clinic will provide a ‘medical home’ for all their needs.

  • Bladder exstrophy is present in one of every 30,000 births.
  • One child in every 20,000 born has complete androgen insensitivity.
  • Congenital adrenal hyperplasia is present in one of every 15,000 newborns.
  • Cloacal anomalies occur once in every 10,000 births.
  • One in every 5,000 newborns is diagnosed with Turner’s syndrome.
  • A vaginal anomaly occurs once in every 5,000 births.

Contact us

Referring providers or patients can call the Clinic to start the process of coordinating multispecialty care. Preliminary information will be obtained during the phone call and appropriate appointments and/or diagnostic studies can be arranged. The provider or patient will receive a follow-up call from one of the physicians.

The Reproductive Anomalies & Disorders of Sexual Development Clinic at Phoenix Children’s Hospital

1919 E Thomas Rd., Clinic D
Phoenix Arizona 85016

Phone: (602) 254-5561
Fax: (602) 254-2185

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