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The Pediatric Enuresis Center at Phoenix Children's Hospital is the first enuresis clinic in Arizona directed by pediatric urologists dedicated to treating the specialized enuresis problems of children and teenagers. Our goal is to provide the highest quality pediatric urological care to our patients in an environment that feels secure and is comforting to the children and their families.

Conditions Treated

Symptoms of voiding dysfunction such as frequent voiding (frequency), the urgent need to void (urgency), and daytime or nighttime wetting (enuresis) occur frequently in childhood and are a common cause of parental concern. These symptoms are normal in very young children and are usually due to an immature bladder. The Pediatric Enuresis Center of Arizona treats the conditions, including:

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For children over the age of four experiencing these above issues with frequency, urgency, and/or enuresis, evaluation of the child's voiding symptoms is recommended. The goal in evaluating symptomatic children is to differentiate between children whose voiding symptoms are due to a delay in normal bladder maturation and children with urological or neurological abnormalities.

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Diagnosis and Evaluation

The Pediatric Enuresis Center of Arizona uses the most up-to-date diagnostic tools to determine the cause of a child’s problem. We use state-of-the-art treatment regimens utilizing behavioral and pharmacological treatments. We often use biofeedback training techniques to treat the hyperactive bladder without medication. Phoenix Children’s Pediatric Enuresis Clinic provides a comprehensive evaluation for each patient. Diagnostic tools used include:

  • Urodynamic testing of the bladder
  • Specialized uroflowmetry
  • Ultrasound imaging of the urinary tract

All ultrasounds are performed by friendly and compassionate staff who have been specifically trained in pediatric urological imaging procedures. And it is our goal to make your child's ultrasound experience as pleasant as possible. All ultrasound rooms are equipped with DVD players, handheld video games, books, posters, and more!

In-office ultrasound instructions (PDF)

Information on preparing your child for a VCUG, CT, MRI, or nuclear medicine study (DMSA, MAG-3, nuclear cystogram)

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