Amber's story of surviving cancer

Amber's story of surviving cancer

An update on one of the Hospital's beloved patients: Amber Moran.

Amber was last featured in a fall 2007 Arizona Republic front-page story on her struggle with cancer and a devastating infection that followed. 

Today, we are happy to report Amber is happy, energetic, and continuing to heal, thanks to treatment she has received at Phoenix Children's Hospital and the support her family has needed from the state's AHCCCS program. 

On a recent trip to Phoenix Children's to check out a nasty cough she had developed, Amber and her sisters danced from one area of the Hospital to the next, hugging staff members they befriended during Amber's stay. 

Amber is still getting infusions of donor blood and will continue until her blood is entirely replaced. "She's at 85 percent donor blood, which means she still has a 15 percent chance of the cancer coming back," Suzie explains. "You worry, but we just keep doing whatever is takes to get her to 100 percent." 

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