Eryn's Story

Eryn's Story - Dealing with Diabetes

Eryn's story at Phoenix Children's Hospital

When I was 4 years old, I got sick. I was not being myself, and all I did was sleep. My Grandma would wake me up to make sure I was okay, and then I would go right back to sleep.

My Grandma called the doctor on a Wednesday and they said I had all the signs of a stomach bug, so on Thursday, my Grandma took me to the doctor. The doctor said it was the stomach bug and to take me home.

Eryn's story

But by the evening, my breathing had started to get bad, so my grandma called my Papa and told him to meet us at the ER. They checked me out, and did a urine sample. They said that they found sugar in my urine, and to call whom we needed to because we were going to Phoenix Children's Hospital.

They took us down by ambulance from Prescott Valley. My Papa had to get my stuff ready and was going to meet us there. When we got to the PICU, my grandma finally got scared. Everyone was around my bed, and all i wanted to do was sleep. I don't remember anything about the ambulance ride or the PICU, but my grandma said they were all nice to me.

Eryn's story at Phoenix CHildren's Hospital

I am doing better now that they have me on insulin and taking my shots like I am suppose to. It has changed our lives, but we are dealing with it.

My doctor and nurses for my diabetes are really nice to me. Phoenix Children's Hospital has made me feel normal again, and I have to go there once a month.

Every time i go, they are all so nice to us.

I love everything they do for us kids. I was down on 3rd floor - East after the PICU, and I even got to sit at the nurses' station and color with a new friend I made, and the nurses. The nurse told me about the playroom on the 4th floor, so we got to go up there and play also. PCH is the best ever. Thank you for everyone there and the PICU nurses for saving my life.

Love, Eryn

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Submitted by Remington Roscoe on: May 2, 2012

Get Well Soon

Submitted by Stephanie on: February 8, 2012

You are so blessed to have such a wonderful Grandma that loves and cares for you so much! I remember that evening at soccer and it breaks my heart but I am so proud of how you and your family have pulled through these challenges! I think of you all the time and hope to see you play t-ball! Keep hanging tough girlie!

Submitted by Tammy on: February 7, 2012

Love the story on ERYN, she's an amazing Lil girl!!!! So strong.... We r blessed to know her and her strong and loving family!!!!

Submitted by Joan Liepman on: February 7, 2012

Hi Eryn! You are a very brave little girl, with a beautiful smile, and a great personality. I'm sorry there are days when you don't feel well, but you have good doctors and a loving family who will help you feel better. Keep up the good work! Oh, one more thing - I like seeing your name when we watch the horses!

Submitted by Lona Ashley on: February 7, 2012

Eryn we are so proud of you. You have a good attitude and a Loving Family. You have the battle almost won. Keep up the Great work.

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