Paelyn's Story

Did you know that even princesses can have Down's Syndrome?

Our nightmare began early the morning of April 12th 2010. Our sweet 2 month old little girl began going into respiratory distress. She was transferred from Kingman, AZ to Phoenix Children's Hospital. This was the first time I have ever been in the hospital. This was the first time I have ever had a sick child.

Paelyn became progressively worse and Dr. Beyda decided to intubate her. Upon intubation, Paelyn coded and for 48 hours after that, she was very unstable. Within that time frame, I was thrown into a world I had only seen on TV hospital drama shows. I had met many physicians, specialists, respiratory techs, nurses and therapists. Decisions had to be made and there was the possibility that we might of lost our sweet little girl.

Baby Paelyn's Long Recovery

Paelyn was born with Down's Syndrome and was seemingly born very healthy. Little did we know that Paelyn was silently aspirating her formula and suffering from silent reflux aspiration as well. Slowly her lungs were being damaged; slowly she was deteriorating. By the time decisions were made to transfer Paelyn to PCH, she was a very sick little girl.

I thank God everyday for the knowledge of the doctors, specialist, respiratory techs, nurses and therapists at Phoenix Children's....they saved her life more than once.

Paelyn ended up staying at Phoenix Children's Hospital for 4 months with very few breaks in between. We had no family in Arizona and because of Paelyn's extensive medical needs we needed to move to Utah where our family lived  and where a children's hospital was so that we could be close to both for support and help and so that Paelyn could receive good medical care. My heart broke to leave Phoenix Children's.  Paelyn received the best of the best care there.

A Big Thanks to Phoenix Children's Staff

Dr. Beyda, Dr. Menon, Dr. Tafoya, Dr. Tellez, Dr. Buttram were all involved in Paelyn's PICU stay and in saving Paelyn's life. 

Dr. Lacey performed an absolute miracle in saving Paelyn's arm when a blood clot formed after an attempt at putting an arterial line in Paelyn's left arm failed. It was expected that she would lose this arm. Dr. Lacey's skills are absolutely amazing and we are thankful to him every day. Dr. Acosta performed several life saving surgeries on Paelyn...again...what a miracle worker he is as well.

The respiratory techs at Phoenix Childrens became some of our best friends...Allyson, Debbie, Cindy, Roz, Nathan to name a few. I wish I could remember them all. The IV Team who understood Paelyn's history of her poor veins and respected that history we will forever be grateful to. The entire 4th floor at Phoenix Children's Hospital took amazingly good care of Paelyn and in helping her to get home safe and healthy.

Again, I wish I could remember names of all of the nurses that aided in saving Paelyn's life....Liv in Pod E  and Dana in Pod D we will never forget. Astrid and Jen in Pod D we will never forget as well. On the 4th floor, Paul, Kathy, Amy, Jen, Emily Nicki, Sara, Erica, Caitlin, Samiya, Marie and Keva. The PCT's that gave Paelyn amazing care were Liz, Evalyn, Kayden and Madara.

And last, but never least is our dear Dr. Hartley. If anything, he is first and foremost to us in taking care of Paelyn. He saw Paelyn first when she arrived from PICU to the floor. He saw her to the very end of her stay after 4 months. The few short moments that we did get to take Paelyn home, he would call to see how she was doing. We lived 4 hours away so he would call the ED department there and speak with the doctors there to let them know of Paelyn's condition when we would bring her in. We could call him at anytime with any problem and he would take the time to listen and to help Paelyn with every need she had. We felt very taken care of.

I can honestly say that there isn't anything that should have or even could have been done differently with Paelyn's stay at Phoenix Children's Hospital. My heart is there with Phoenix Children's Hospital and it will always be there. What every person did for Paelyn from the PCT's to the Intesivists to the RT techs to the nurses will be in our prayers every day. We love you all so much and have a new found respect for any one who works in the medical field. You all truly gave Paelyn a chance to become all that she can be...even a princess, for she truly is just that.

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